Monasteries/Churches of Aegina


Starting point of the tour: Center of Aegina,

Route Attractions (simple pass):
Archaeological Museum and Temple of Apollo (Kolona)
Yiannis Moralis' house & "Aegina" Statue
Kapralos Museum & "Mana" (Mother) Statue
House of Nikos Kazantzakis
Archeological area of Salaminomachoi

Route Attractions (including visit):
Monastery of Saint Nectarios
Monastery of Panagia Chrysoleontissa
Temple of Aphaia
Monastery of Saint Minas

Tour Schedule:
The tour starts in the center of Aegina’s city, continues with a passing by the Archaeological site of the Temple of
Apollo and the Archaeological Museum of Modern Greece. Next,
we will come around the places and works of important artists who chose Aegina as a refuge
and place of creation. Following the coastal road and heading north, we will come across
the burial site of the warriors of the Battle of Salamina. Shortly before our first stop,
we will meet "Paleochora", the historic hill of the medieval old

1st Stop

Stop at the monastery of Saint Nectarios. The Monastery of the miraculous saint protector of the island, Saint Nectarios.
In the Monastery we will visit his tomb, his cell, but also the Holy Temple built in his
honor, one of the largest temples in the Balkans.
On our 2nd stop, we will visit the Holy Monastery of Panagia Chrysoleontissa which was built around 1600 BC
and it is located in an area overgrown with pines and cedars. The monastery, which looks like a fortress,
houses beautiful hand painted frescoes and the icon of the Virgin Mary.

3rd Stop

Visit to the Temple of Aphaia, an archeological area dedicated to the homonymous goddess. The temple is considered as a leading
creation of archaic architecture, Doric style, and a source of inspiration for
the architects Iktinos and Kallikrates during the creation of the Parthenon Temple. The temple that survives
today dates back to around 500-490 BC, as the original temple built in 575 BC
burned in a fire. The Temple of Aphaia is maintained in very good condition, as out of the
columns of the temple in total, 24 survive today.

4th Stop

The Monastery of Saint Minas
The monastery of Saint Minas was built, according to tradition, at the request of the ascetic
Saint Amfilochios Makris, who was the spiritual son of Saint
Nektarios. The nuns are well-known for their performance in spiritual rituals and chanting.
In the exhibition hall of the Monastery the visitor can admire their handmade works that include
traditional sweets, cheese products, embroidery items
and incense.

Price with a tour guide (speaking English):270€*
Price without a tour guide:: 220€*
* prices do not include VAT and prices are indicative.


  1. The tour guide is important on such excursions but a prior arrangement is necessary.
  2. The price does not include entrances to museums, shopping inside the Monasteries, and food.


  1. A refrigerator with free bottled water and soft drinks is available.