According to the legend, Delphi, the most important sanctuary of Greece, was the center of the world, because in this place the two eagles met, when Zeus set them free, one from the east and the other from West. 

Originally the oracle belonged to Gaia who lived there with her son Python. But the god Apollo killed Python and the sanctuary became him. The fame of the oracle of Delphi had reached all over the world and many were those who came asking for some advice. The oracles were given by the god Apollo through Pythia. Pythia was originally a young woman with a virtuous life, but due to the great fame of the Oracle, the number of priestesses increased to two. 

Tour Delphi

The excursion begins with a unique route in the Greek countryside along plains, lakes and mountains. First stop on this trip and just before you discover another side of Greek mythology, the city of Livadia. Built at the foot of Elikonas, Livadia was founded according to the mythical tradition by the Athenian hero Levados. We will stop for 40 minutes for coffee and a short walk to the city center. Then we will continue the unique route and we will reach Delphi where you will be guided to the unique monuments and you will hear special stories. 

Of course, a visit to Arachova, the lord of Parnassos, will follow. You will tour the alleys and you will have at your disposal 2 hours to enjoy the unique local delicacies in the traditional taverns but also in alternative cuisines. 

It will follow return to Athens and arrival at a point of your choice.