Athens City Tour



The city of Athens, a city with ancient history and many attractions. This excursion includes the most remarkable ancient monuments that if you have not visited you do not know the history of ancient Greek culture

Athens City Tour

The tour starts picking you up from the hotel or any other place by appointment. The first and most important attraction we will visit is the Acropolis and the Columns of Olympian Zeus, where you choose if you want to enter the Acropolis to “travel” together time and the mythology of the place.

Next stop is Kallimarmaro (Panathinaiko Stadium) where in ancient times it was used to perform part of the Panathenaic in honor of the goddess Athena and after the building of the Greek Parliament, a very old palace that from 1929 until today is the seat of the Greek Parliament. There we see the Presidential Guard that is located near the Presidential Palace and bears the honorary name of the Souliotis chief and hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821, Georgios Tzavelas.

Next, we stop at the Valliani Palace, which is the National Library and is a leading custodian and administrator of the intellectual heritage of the Greeks.

Later we reach the Academy of Athens, the University of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts.

Last stop is Lycabettus where on the hill there is the Lycabettus Theater an open modern amphitheater in which concerts and theatrical performances used to take place.